Bellow will find the instructions and troubleshooting on how to insert the unlock codes or the preparations for online unlocks by usb cable

Bellow are presented the instructions related to how to unlock your phone.If you need instructions on how to use our website please check our Frequently Asked Questions

We have on our website 2 unlock methods:

Online unlock by usb cable

For doing the unlock online by usb cable you will have to do some simple instructions on your windows PC,and on your phone.The instructions on the pc will be the same for all online unlocks,only the instructions on the phone will be different ,depending on model.You can find both the instructions on pc and those you need to do your phone on the next link Online unlock instructions.If your phone model is not listed,just donn't do any instructions on the phone,only do the steps on your computer:

Unlock code by imei

When buying an unlock code by imei normally should insert the mobile phone's imei when making the purchase,in the special place from the products page. For some models some extra information like model,network or provider id/PRD may be required. If you forgot to insert that information when making the purchase,should received an automated email telling you about the necessary information (normally the 15 digit IMEI,that you can find by typing *#06#) you need to send us.Please reply to that and send the information necessary for generating the unlock codes.

After the unlock codes are ready you will receive an email with the unlock codes and instructions about how to insert the unlock codes.In case you did not receive that after the normall time specified in the product description ,please verified if the code apears in the order detailes (once are ready should show there also),and if still not showing please Contact us.

For most phones,to insert the unlock code you just have to turn off phone, insert in your phone a sim card from different carrier,turn it on and when asks to insert the unlock code/pin,just type in the unlock code you received.If your phone does not ask for unlock code or the unlock code is not accepted please sellect from bellow your phone model to find the specific instructions to isnert the code and troubshooting guide,in case the unlock code is not accepted.If still can not solve your problem after doing that please Contact us.


Select the phone brand and unlock method to get the right instructions: