Preparations you will need to make on your tab before we can do the unlock :


1.Go to Calculator application and enter "(+30012012732+" number, to get phone dial window

2.On the keyboard that showed up type *#7284# then go to "Qualcomm USB Settings" and select "DM + Modem + ADB". and press "OK"

If *#7284# does not prompt for the option to select "DM + Modem + ADB",type *#0808# instead



What we need for performing the online unlock

After doing the above settings and those on your computer please verify when is the next time will be available to perform the online unlock by looking at our online program. If we are available open Teamviewer from the shortcut created on your Desktop,
keep it open and email us to the ID(Your ID) and Password shown in the right side of the program teamviewer and we can do the unlock.
Thank you for your trust and confidence,
The OnlineUnlocks Team