Bellow are the instruction you have to perform on your mobile device so we can unlock it for you remotely by usb cable:

If your phone is not listed in the list bellow please do the next instructions on your device:

-if is an android mobile device enable USB debugging like explained here: How to enable USB debugging

-if any other device and not in the list,do not perform any setting on it and will guide you when will do the online unlock if is needed any preparation to do on the phone


Select the phone brand and unlock method to get the right instructions:


After doing the above settings and those on your computer please verify when is the next time will be available to perform the online unlock by looking at our online program. If we are available just open the program usbredirector-custom.exe keep it open and contact us on the website chat or on skype (id onlineunlocks) and will give you the technician address to insert in the program and do the unlock for you.
Thank you for choosing OnlineUnlocks Team!