Online unlock instructions

Thank you for choosing OnlineUnlocks services!

The online unlocks are performed in our Online program or when it shows on the chat button we are online

A.Preparations you will need to make before we will perform the unlock on your PC/laptop:

unlock  online safely with teamviewer


1. Download and save to your desktop USB Redirector software from this link:

2. We will connect to your PC using Teamviewer software. Please download TeamViewer from this link:


Save it then Open it. Then tick the box next to "Show advanced settings" and select Install (not Run)

Then select "Use Teamviewer VPN", when you see it come up. After installing is recommended to do a computer restart.

What we need for performing the online unlock

B.Preparations you will need to make on your phone before we can do the unlock:

Select your phone model  bellow to get the exact settings

After doing all settings on your computer and those on your mobile device, please verify when is the next time will be available to perform the online unlock, by looking at our online program. We are daily available for unlocks, but our program may suffer small changes. 

If we are available, please open Teamviewer from the shortcut created on your Desktop,
keep it open and email us at the ID (Your ID) and Password shown in the right side of the program TeamViewer  

Thank you for choosing OnlineUnlocks Team!