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  • Nokia SL3 BB5 code code

Nokia SL3 BB5 unlock code read online by usb cable

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     We provide you the easiest and  fastest Nokia SL3/BB5 unlock specially designed for  non-technical users all at the best price online.A lot of the new nokia phones supported,just ask





     We have a great background with mobile phone unlocking , and we guarantee will give you  the easiest and fastest way of unlocking your Nokia Sl3/BB5 phone , all at the best price .This method supports mobiles phones from any network, including models that can not be unlocked using other methods. This process is specially designed for non-technical users, no need special cables or experience as will do everything for you.This unlock codes are not calculated by imei only will need to connect online and read the securtiy file containing the unlock code from your phone.

Process time: 6-48h

Need it faster,can process the codes in 1-12h for 4$ extra

Advantages of this unlock method:

-it costs 2 times less then a nokia unlock code generated by imei only

-100% guaranteed to work as is read from the phone directly

-is factory permanent unlock, no modifications will be done to your phones software

-will have online support until you confirm the phone is unlocked

For performing the Nokia unlock you will  need:

-a computer with Windows 

-a good internet connection

-a normal USB cable that is delivered with the phone.

Supported models



  • 1280 - RM-647,1616-2b - RH-126,1616-2c - RH-129,1616 - RH-125,1800 - RM-653
  • 2690 - RM-635,2700c, 2700c-2 - RM-561,2730c-1, 2730c - RM-578,2730c-1b - RM-579
  • 3600s - RM-352,3710a-1 - RM-509,3710a-1b - RM-510,3711a-1 - RM-511,3720c-2 - RM-518,3720c - RM-518
  • 5130, 5130c-2 - RM-495,5130c-2 - RM-496,5228, 5230, 5232, 5233 - RM-588/593/594/625/629,
  • 5310 Xpress Music - RM-303,5530 - RM-504,5630 Xpress Music - RM-431,5630d-1 - RM-431
  • 5730s-1 Xpress Music - RM-465,5800d - RM-356/428 6120c - RM-243,6300 - RM-217
  • 6303c - RM-443, 6303ci - RM-638, 6500c - RM-265, 6500s-1 - RM-240,
  • 6700c-1, 6700c - RM-470, 6700s - RM-576, 6710s navigator - RM-491, 6720c - RM-424, 6730c-1 - RM-547
  • 6750 Mural - RM-381, 6760s - RM-573, 6790s - RM-492/599,7210c, 7212c - RM-43,6 7230 - RM-604,
  • Asha 200 - RM-761, Asha 200 - RM-762, Asha 201 - RM-799, Asha 201 - RM-800
  • C1-01 - RM-607, C1-01 - RM-608, C1-02 - RM-643, C1-02 - RM-644
  • C2-00 - RM-704, C2-01 - RM-721, C2-02 - RM-692, C2-02 - RM-693, C2-03 - RM-702,
  • C2-05 - RM-724, C2-05 - RM-725, C2-06 - RM-702, C2-07 - RM-692, C2-08 - RM-702,C3-01 - RM-640
  • C5-00 - RM-645, C5-02 - RM-745, C5-03 - RM-697, C6-00 - RM-612/624, C6-01 - RM-601/718, C7-00 - RM-675
  • E5-00 - RM-632, E52-1 - RM-469, E55-1 - RM-482, E63 - RM-437/450, E66 - RM-343/345/420/494, E7-00 - RM-626,
  • E71 - RM-346/347/357/407/493, E72-1 - RM-530, E72-2 - RM-529, E73 - RM-658,
  • N8-00 - RM-596, N86 - RM-484/485/486, N97-4 mini - RM-555, N97-5 - RM-553, N97 - RM-505/506/507,
  • Nokia 500 - RM-750, Nokia 600 - RM-701, Nokia 700 - RM-670, Nokia 701 - RM-744,
  • X2-02 - RM-694, X2-05 - RM-77, X3-00 - RM-540, X3-02 - RM-639, X5-01 - RM-627, X6-00 - RM-551/559

          And a lot more models supported, just ask!

How the Nokia SL3 unlock is done

After buying this auction you will receive in a few minutes instructions about how prepare your computer and phone before the online unlock (some simple steps in our video tutorial takes less then 5 min). To perform the part of the unlock will connect to your computer and read the key string from your phone from wich will extract the unlock code, a process that takes less then 15 min.After that will decrypt the log file read from the phone a process that takes 12-48h.When the codes are decrypted will email you the codes and instructions how to isnert those.We are available to do the online part of the unlock according to our Online program, there is shown if are available at a certain time to.

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Manufacturer Nokia

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