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  • Huawei Network unlock code-any network and model wordwide

Huawei Network unlock code any network and model wordwide

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 This website offers the actual least complicated and speediest method to unlock your telephone,all at the greatest price online.This method supports all types of Huawei which include very new models such as Ascend, Ideos,U8850 Vision, U8860 Honor etc .Will receive the unlock codes speedy and will surely get full guidance from us until you will have the Huawei unlocked



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   We have a very long history offering huawei phones unlocking , so we guarantee will provide you with the minimum complicated and most rapid method for unlocking your huawei mobile , every thing for the most beneficial price.This unlock service supports all Huaway phone models and models that require network unlock code (NCK) .If you inserted the unlock code too many times and your phone asks for "Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key" will fix that problem also using this service .We recommend to make a free account before ordering the unlock code, this way the Huawei unlock codes will show in your account Dashboard also,besides the email will send you with the unlock key.Please verify that your huawei asks for unlock code with a sim card from different carrier before ordering the unlock.

Process time: 1-6 days (normally less than 48h)

Supported model : Any Huawei phone or modem suported,locked to any Network worldwide

Bellow are some of most pupular supported models:

  • Activa 4G ; Ascend D quad ; Ascend D quad XL ; Ascend D1 ; Ascend D1 XL U9500E ;
  • Ascend D2 ; Ascend G300 ; Ascend G330 ; Ascend G330D U8825D ; Ascend G500 ;
  • Ascend G510 U8951; Ascend G526 ; Ascend G600 ; Ascend G615 ; Ascend II ;
  • Ascend Mate ; Ascend P1 ; Ascend P1 ; LTE Ascend P1 XL U9200E ; Ascend P1s ;
  • Ascend P2 ; Ascend Q M5660 ; Ascend W1 ; Ascend W3 ; Ascend Y ; Ascend Y100 ;
  • Ascend Y200 ; Ascend Y201 Pro ; Ascend Y210D ; Ascend Y300 ; Fusion 2 U8665 ;
  • Fusion U8652 ; G5000 ; G5520 ; G6310 ; G6600 Passport ; G6608 ; G6609 ; G6620 ;
  • G6800; G7010 ; G7300 ; Honor 2 ; IDEOS S7 ; IDEOS S7 Slim ; Impulse 4G ; M886 ;
  • Mercury ;  MediaPad 10 FHD ; MediaPad 7 Lite ; MediaPad S7-301w ; Premia 4G M931 ;
  • Summit ; U5510 ; U8110 ; U8150 IDEOS ; U8180 IDEOS X1 ; U8220 ; U8230 ; U8300 ;
  • U8350 Boulder ; U8500; U8510 IDEOS X3 ; U8520 Duplex ; U8650 Sonic ; U8800 IDEOS X5 ;
  • U8800 Pro ; U8850 Vision ; U8860 Honor ;U9000 IDEOS X6;

How the unlock is done

When buying this unlock service for Huawei Fusion 2 you will have to insert some data about your phone:

-IMEI (Ex : 353424250140367 , made of 15 digits, can be found by dialing *#06# , CMDA PHONE WITH MEID/ESN ARE NOT SUPPORTED)

 -Be careful to write the huawei imei correctly, without any space or points,the IMEI must have 15 digits and can be found by typing *#06# on dial window, like when making a phone call

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Manufacturer Huawei

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