Sony Ericsson and recently Sony with the Xperia series gave to smartphone users a very good alternative to Apple or Samsung products. The Xperia smartphones with their slick design and advanced features on the top preferences of smartphone users. The top technologies this phones are built on are confirmed by the fact that the new sony smartphone cann't be cracked and unlocked by any other way then the factory unlock code. Below will present the options available now for unlocking your Sony Xperia ,and the important aspect should know about this.

Methods for unlocking the Sony Ericsson Xperia

     For most phones normally are 2 ways of unlocking it, either using the factory unlock code and buying that from the manufacturer database or by usb cable, and either reading the code from the phone or performing a direct unlock.

Unlock by usb cable

     For some older Xperia models is available the unlock by usb cable method to,but as long as are older than the 14 week of 2012. You can verify that by looking on the label from the back of your sony ericsson ,under the battery and will see a number like “12w14”,wich means was made in the 14 week of 2012.If the number is lower, like 11w43 for example, then the phone can be unlocked using this method. This unlock method implies unlocking the bootloader to so will be able to flash custom firmware to, after the unlock is performed. This methods applies to popular Xperia models like Xperia Ray, Arc S or Play.All others can only be unlocked by code from imei like explained below.

Unlock by code from IMEI

     The unlock by code from imei is done using the 8 or 16 digits factory unlock code from the manufacturer database. For getting this you need only the phone IMEI, that can be found by typing on the phone the code *#06#. When getting the unlock code,you just have to insert a sim from another carrier, when turning on the phone  will ask for the unlock code,and after inserting the code,the phone is permanently unlocked.The downside of this unlock method is that only works if you haven’t tried for too many times a wrong unlock code and hardlocked the phone. And contrary to Samsung for example where there is an unfreeze code in case of too many wrong attempts, for this phones if you hardlocked it, you done it for good. The sony xperia normally have 5 attempts allowed to entered the code. In the next paragraph will show how to find if your phone is hardlocked or not.

Methods to verify the unlock code attempt left

     To verify if your phone is hardlocked and if not how many unlock cxperial 5 unlock atemps leftode attempts you have,you just need to turn on the smartphone and type the following code *#*#7378423#*#* .If that code is not working can try and prss the Menu key and Back key in the following order: Menu Back Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back .

     A service menu will be displayed showing the locks you have and how many attempts you have for each. Below is an example how that menu looks

[X] Network 5
[  ] Network Subset  0
[  ] Service Provider  0
[  ] Corporate  0xperia hardlocked
[  ] Sim  0

     This means you have the network lock enabled and have 5 unlock code attempts left. If instead would look like [X] Network 0 ,would mean that your phone is locked, but have 0 attempts left so your phone is hardlocked .If instead of x would be empty like [ ] Network 0,means the phone is unlocked already and can verify that by using a sim from another carrier.

What method to use after all?

     Firstly you should verify like shown above what methods your phone supports, if is older then 12w14 and supports the unlock by usb cable to, or only the unlock code and also if is hardlocker or not. If only one method is supported then already got the answer. If can chose, then should consider the unlock by usb cable is normally cheaper, sometimes up to 3 times cheaper, but is not as easy as the one by unlock code ,where just need to send the IMEI. Anyway for more details for your particular case do not hesitate to contact us and a specialist from will help you decide on the best option for you.