What is the stock firmware anyway?

Since I started the previous articles with a definition, will do the same here and explain a bit what is a stock firmware. It is the operating system that comes with the device, that was designed by the manufacturer or carrier. Can there be any other types of firmwares/ROMS ? Yes ,there are the custom firmwares ,that were designed by a developer, that usually improves the phone visual looks and performance.

How to find if your phone is rooted or has custom firmware?

If is rooted:

-Look in applications and if you see an application named “Superuser” means is rooted

-To be sure can use the application “Root Checker” ,can downloaded from Play store

If has custom firmware:

-Look in settings/about at build number. Look bellow how a custom Build number look and how a stock one, but to be sure can search what you see on yours on google and will find if is stock or custom

           Stock firmware           Custom Firmware                                                                       

custom firmware infostock firmware info

Why would I want to get read of the custom firmware or root?

-For warranty reasons. Since putting a custom firmware or operating system or rooting affect your warranty ,to be able to use the warranty have to restore to a stock firmware. Also to remove all tracks that your phone was modified you have to reset the flash counter (that is something that counts how many custom firmwares were flashed on your phone),and can do that by using the application “Triangle away”, which resets the flash counter and also removes the yellow triangle you may have got if you flashed a custom firmware

-To be able to unlock by usb cable. On some custom firmwares  the stock codes for service menus (like *#7284#)  do not work, that’s why you need to restore to stock firmware to be able to do the settings needed for performing an unlock by usb cable

-If you get any disturbing error or have any problem with the custom firmware or with the root

Before unroot/restore :Backup your device

Transfer the files you need the files and picture that are important to your pc and backup your contact/messages etc with your Google account or use the Backup option from Settings/backup ,because when restoring will lose all data from your phone

The step by step guide to unroot/restore stock firmware

1.Downlaod and install the programs needed :

a.Samsung usb drivers

b. Odin3_v1.85

c.The firmware specific for your device

For this will give at the end of the article a list with download links of some of the most popular firmwares, and for all others just look on google for: “Model” “Carrier” Stock Rom (ex: i717r Rogers  stock rom ).If very important to use only the exact firmware for your model or carrier or may brick your device

2.Open Odin and extract the stock rom if is archived, so will have extension  tar.md5 .

files needed for restore

3. Do not change any option in Odin ,just click on “PDA”, then choose the file you extracted

sellected restored file

4.Put your phone in download mode:

a.Hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

b. When your screen turns off, let go of the Power button but keep holding down Volume Down and Center Home buttons

c. When you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button

d. Connect the cable from your phone to computer so will be detected by Odin

odin detectes phone

5. If you the phone has been detected by Odin :  0:[ COM x],with yellow, just press next and do not touch the phone until you see Odin show “PASS” (may take 10-15 min)

odin succesfully flashed the firmware

6. Your phone will reboot and will either turn on to your home screen or get stuck on a Samsung logo. Wait a few min in case is stuck ,and if not changing, turn off, even by removing and putting back battery

7. Put to “Recovery mode” and do a factory reset

a)Hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

b)Once the screen goes off, let go of the Power button but keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home button.

c) Choose “wipe data/factory reset”, hit the Power button, then choose “Yes.  This will reset your phone

factory reset

All done


As promised, links to some of the most common firmware:

-i727 AT&T USA

-i727R Rogers Canada

-T989 T-Mobile USA

-T989d Koodo Canada

-T989d Telus

-T999 T-Mobile USA

-T769 T-Mobile USA

-i747 AT&T USA

-i747M Rogers Canada

-i747M Claro PR

-i437 AT&T USA 4.0.4

-i547 Rugby Pro AT&T USA 

-T779 Galaxy Tab 2 T-Mobile Usa

-i497 Galaxy Tab 2 AT&T Usa

A lot more can be found at  https://www.sammobile.com    or  https://stockroms.net/

For any questions or suggestions, or just to leave your opinion about this guide leave a comment