What is rooting?

A good analogy for explaining what root is to compare your phone with a windows computer. A phone that is not rooted is like when you are logged in on windows as a guest user, you have limited right what you can do ,install or change, while a phone with root access is like being logged in as administrator and can do almost anything.

Why root your device?

1.To be able to unlock it

This is the reason I began to write the article in the first place, to help the customers that need to unlock a phone that needed root access to be able to read the unlock codes,like Samsung i9100 ,t959 etc.

2.Use programs that need root access

Some of the best android programs need root access, so can only use them only after rooting your phone. Here are some of the most popular applications:

a.Titanium Backup-voted as one of the best android applications, and by far best application for making backups for any android application

b.ScreenCast -a program for recording your your screen activity, very useful when doing a tutorial from your android device .This was the main reason I had to root a Galaxy S2 because could not find any other program to record the screen, and above that is free to

c.System Tuner and other programs for monitoring and managing your CPU and battery

d.Antivirusses and protection software for your device

3.Install custom Roms

A custom Rom is modified versions of the Android system ,that may give your device better performance , new look ,longer battery life or even bring a new android version for older devices for which the official version is not released

4.Use ClockworkMod Recovery

ClockworkMod Recovery  or CWM is a better replacement for your android recovery ,that gives you a lot of options from installing a new custom Rom from your sd card to creating full android system backups

Before rooting

1.Backup your phone


Is very important to make a backup of your contacts, messages, pictures and all other important data from your phone before rooting. This can be done by saving your picture and other transferable data to your pc and use the Backup option from Settings/Backup and reset to synchronize your important data with your Google account. I have never need the backup after rooting,but still doing every time. If is your first time when rooting your device doing a backup is a must do

2.Find your device exact infoandroid-version

Usually the way you root you device depends of your phone model and android version. Sometimes your build number is also needed. To find those go to settings, scroll down to the bottom and will find About Phone. There are shown the information you need

Get the root guide specific for your device

Unfortunately there isn’t a general way of rooting all devices, the method for rooting a phone depends of the phone model and firmware version. Now all you need to do is write in google search Root "model number" "Firmware version" (put the details from your phone), for example if I had the phone with the details from the above picture would search : "Root i9100 2.3.6" .I got about 800.000 results, you will probably read them all and see what is the one that suits you best. I am kidding of course, for sure will have a good method on the first page, use the one for which is made a specific step by step article (not just forum talk) and has a video tutorial included .If do not find something you are satisfied with, repeat the search , use same phrase (in my case "Root i9100 2.3.6"), but on youtube .

Some of the tutorials will say either "Root  i9100 2.3.6 Firmware Build XWJW1 " or ""Root  any i9100 2.3.6" . Use one either for your specific Build number or a general method, that works for any built, do not use one that is designed for a specific built number different then yours as may brick your device. For most popular devices after this search would already find a good rooting tutorial, if not will have to look in the results from forums to see other peoples opinions

Bellow will present 3 of the most general root methods :

1.Superoneclick or Oneclickroot -this are as you may think programs that you run from your pc and can root your phone only by clicking a button, simple and fast , and beside that support a lot of models .Unfortunately not all, and not the newest firmware, so you should verify before using if your phone is suported.Also may have to install the phones drivers before installing the programCan download them from here Android drivers

2.Flash a Odin package (.tar) -This root method supports the new samsung devices and android versions, but may be dangerous is you flash a package not designed for your device

3.Install a root package from your SD

Hope this guide will help you get you device rooted, if not please leave a comment and we will try to help you with an advice on how to root you phone.