What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreak is the process of freeing your iPhone (or other Apple device) of the limitations regarding the applications ,extensions, and themes you can install on your iPhone. After jailbreak you are able to install applications from other sources then the official Apple App Store, like from Cydia or from your pc.

Differences between jailbreak and root

Many consider jailbreak and root are basically the same thing, a process done to your smartphone that gives you extra functionalities, and possibility to mod your device or use some applications unsupported before. This is only partially true, because since Android is a open source operating system, it already offers the things you get in iPhone after jailbreaking it. By rooting you aim for even more, you are able to modify almost anything on the operating system or even totally change it.

3 reasons you should jailbreak your iPhone

1.To be able to unlock it

The software unlock available for iPhones 2g,3g,3gs and 4g can be done only if your iPhone is jailbroken. Even though is not a permanent unlock, it can be a good option since the permanent iphone unlock for certain networks sometimes is more then half of the iPhones price.

2.Use programs that are not on Apple store

The only way to install applications on a normal not jailbroken iPhone is by Apple store. The problem is that on Apple store are not allowed all kind of applications, for example a program to let you transfer files by bluetooth to non apple devices, or to be able to change your springboard theme or use your own ringtones. There is a place you can get all this programs, most for free after you jailbreak your iPhone and is called Cydia. Cydia is the equivalent of Apple store for jailbroken devices. There you can find any application you need, but be careful before installing read about the applications, because some may be dangerous for your device .

3.Extra functions

Will write bellow 3 most important extra functions you can get after jailbreaking:

-Make video calls over 3G (use cydia application 3G unrestrictor)

- Send Files From Your iPhone To Any Device Via Bluetooth (use cydia applications AirBlue)

-Customize your theme and ringtones (Winterboard from Cydia)

Before rooting

1.Backup your phone

Jailbreak normally does not delete any of your iPhone files, or bricks your iPhone, but especially if you have on your iPhone important information is you have to make a backup. Doing a backup is very easy to perform using iTunes, just connect the phone right click on the phone name and select to make a backup. If is your first time when jailbreaking your iPhone doing a backup is a must do.

2.Find your device exact infoiphone version

The way to jailbreak the iOS devices does not depend of the device model but of the iOS version (firmware version).Is very easy to find the iOS version by going to settings/General/About ,and look at “Version”

Get the jailbreak guide specific for your iOS version

1.Firmware 3.1.3-this normally applies only to iPhone 2g,to jailbreak it have to use redsn0w v. 0.9.4 from Dev-Team

2.Firmware  4.1-5.1.1-this is usually for iPhones 3g(for which the latest iOS version is 4.2.1 ) or for iPhones that have not updated to IOS 6 USE redsn0w 0.9.15b3 also from Dev-Team

3.Firmware  6.0-6.1 use the latest jailbreak method with Evasion  from the Evaders- Team